nyc photobloggers 2

anytime you get a chance to meet up with some of the most talented photographers in the area, you should jump at the opportunity. this is the second event that i've been to this year and i am still in awe of the talent these group of individuals possess.

slowly i am picking up some techniques on how to take better photos, so one day, i can be one of the people up on stage presenting my work, but until then...

once again, the event was held at the apple store soho, which is perfect since my office is only a few blocks away.

so, sit back, enjoy the dark pictures and check out the links to each of the blogger's sites. trust me, you'll be amazed.

hostess jenn rockin' the mic

chris glenn of 114th.net

joseph holmes of joe's nyc

chris stangland of dirtdirt

the crowd

ixtayul martinez of metroplus

jacob dobkin of bluejake

keith kin yan of overshadowed

laura holder of lauratitian

jpg magazine

mike consentino of meccapixel

david gallagher of lightningfield.com

eliot shepard of slower.net


yes, i know, this has nothing to do with the photoblogger event, but damn, the vette was nice!


At 11:46 AM, Blogger mileena said...

verrry nice steve! ^^

At 5:16 PM, Blogger trendywendy said...

looks like so much fun. i bet you learned a lot from all the photobloggers. so jealous.

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