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last weekend was the first (hopefully of many) digitallife shows. kinda like a mini version of e3 at the javits center. i wasn't expecting much, but i saw some cool stuff there, and like so many other shows of this kind, i got a bunch of free shtuff as well =). it was a little overcast and windy on saturday, so it was a great way to spend the afternoon.

the nintendo pathfinder armada rollin on dubs. this thing had more video screens than the local best buy! in the back hatch, people were playing donkey konga hehe. cool game.

tivo series 2 connected to a laptop. if i didnt already make my tivo, i'd get one of these.

at the ati booth. this toaster-sized box was running an amd 64 cpu and ati's new x800 video card. i wish i could justify the almost $400 pricetag on this card, but DAMN the graphics are amazing.

creative labs was really pushing this new mp3 player, the zen. even though i had my ipod clearly visible, the saleslady was still trying to sell this to me. it was pretty cheap though.

this was really cool. a hello kitty robot. she responds to different commands and has a built-in microphone which lets it recognize certain commands/voices. not sure what this kid is touching, but it's lighting her up (ok, that was bad.)

this is a working surfboard and tablet pc!

motorola mpx. this thing has everything! from digicam, built-in 802.11b, bluetooth, qwerty keyboard, and a touchscreen display like a pda. it was very hot.

mmmm.. the new motorola razr v3. this thing is soooo thin! it's a little longer than i expected, but still, this going to the top of my xmas wish list =)


At 12:41 PM, Blogger mileena said...

omg you got to play with the razr! i waaant one of those! and a hello kitty robut. :D

At 1:24 PM, Blogger trendywendy said...

omg! i want that hello kitty robot. "hello kitty! go get me an lv! hello kitty, go get me vitawater NOW!"

At 3:00 PM, Blogger FXWhiz said...

my mpx200 is inferior to the mpx and an mpx is inferior to the razr. I WANNA RAZR!!!


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