new bed

even though the basement construction has been finished for about 2 months, i never had a chance to buy a new bed. since i had nothing to do over the weekend, i went on over to sleepy's at roosevelt field.

miah and i went to this particular store a while back, while they were doing the construction, so we already had the right bed in mind. so when we got there, we headed straight for that bed, doublechecked the 'firmness' and bought it (much to the delight of the sales lady, who said this was the fastest sale she's ever had)

we had them deliver the bed on sunday. i was told to call a number and would be given a 4 hour delivery window.

sunday morning came around and i gave them a call. oh, great, automated response. "You can expect the delivery between the times of 7 AM and.... 10 PM whoa.. are you shittin me? maybe i heard her wrong, maybe she said a 14 hour window??

well.. a few hours crawled by and still no bed. at around 1pm, miah called up and bitched out a customer service rep (after many attempts at trying to contact a real person). the rep's response when asked about the huge time frame "well, when you get that time frame, most people assume it will be in the afternoon." ... dick.

the bed finally came (at 6:30pm).

didn't realize the bed was as tall as mini me. even i had to hop up slightly to get on the bed!

but DAMN it felt good! finally a nice night's sleep =)




At 11:12 AM, Blogger trendywendy said...

looks like a nice bed. where is the bed frame? don't tell me you didn't get a bed frame!!! :P

At 5:10 PM, Blogger getofab said...

nice bed....looks like you need a pole to jump on it!


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