slava's snow show

miah and i have been planning on seeing th slava's snowshow for a while now, but things have come up so we had to change plans. but we finally got tickets for the show and went last night.
both of us had a bad week, so this was definitely a great way to forget about the crap at work and just have a little fun. boy, was it alot of fun. i don't think we've ever laughed this hard!

the "snow" and various balls flying around the audience. this lady who sat in front of us kept on getting smacked in the head and almost fell over a few times... just added to the comedy hehe. (that's her with the blonde hair in the picture above this one)

after the show, we had dinner at the union square cafe. very 'upper-class'-ish.. or at least our waiter seemed to act. the food was excellent, service was a little strange, but made for good laughs when he wasnt around. example: we were in the middle of a conversation, he walked up to the table and just stood there until we acknowledged his presence and then he said, "may i?", in a rather snooty fashion. we were like, er, sure. then he proceeded to clear the table. many an eyebrow were raised in confusion after he left =)


At 6:37 PM, Blogger getofab said...

looks like fun! I wonder if we will ever see a show like that in LA ;p

At 12:14 AM, Blogger trendywendy said...

i really like pic #2. hmmm...i haven't been to a show for a while...again steve, you raised the bar. :::going to talk to dave:::

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