knicks vs nets

i was able to buy a couple of tickets through my office (via charity auction) for the new years day game between the knicks and the nets. these seats are usually reserved for employees of the company, but they decided to donate them for an auction our office had about a month ago.

i hadn't been to a knicks game in probably 5 years, so it was nice to be back at the garden. alot of faces had changed since them, but what remained was the familiar orange and blue uniforms.

it was loud and alot of fun, well, except for the times when people decided to stop in front of our seats and block our view (or camera shot grr).

kidd and vince carter make a great duo, kinda wish they were on the knicks :(

final score nets: 93, knicks: 87 :(

stephon marbury laying it up

the knick city dancers

the knick city kids

tim thomas at the freethrow line.

the extreme team doing massive dunks

fat joe signing autographs. "lean back.. lean back"

vince carter slamming over just about the entire knicks team :(

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At 12:58 PM, Blogger trendywendy said...

sorry they lost. great shots though! i like that you take pictures of the dancer girls. :P

At 12:42 AM, Blogger mileena said...

bad ass pictures steve! i love the shot of vince flying and the kids. :D

At 6:08 PM, Anonymous british cal said...

thnx for the great pics of the knicks they rule callum 15 manchester england


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