went to miah's office today for some bloodwork and after i left, i noticed that she put a box into my backpack.

when i opened it, i saw this ====:O

omg, miah, you rawk!


ritz carlton

just got back from the wedding of the daughter of one of miah's coworkers. the ceremony was held at bridgewaters right by the south street seaport. considering the weather the last few days, we were all expecting a soggy wedding, but i guess mother nature gave them a good night after all.
after the reception, we went to our room at the ritz carlton - battery park. omg. i can seriously get used to being pampered by the staff there. i felt like royalty :P

the view from our room

our 'prom' picture. from left to right: mike, claire, graham, vittoria, me, miah.



while i was getting out of my truck, my neighbor's dogs ran out of the garage and scared the crap outta me! the big guy jumped onto the table and started barking and slamming on the table. i'm just glad the fence was tall enough to keep them from my kung fu skills, yeah, that's it. (excuse me while i change my diapers.)


Quality H2O

Picked this up at Walgreens last night. According to the label:
"Holds the doctor recommended daily 8 glasses of water."
Now I won't have to leave my desk 3524857324209 times a day just to get another glass of water!
Imagine, all this convenience for only $3.99 + tax!


Phantom of the Opera

since wednesday was miah's birthday, i decided to surprise her with tickets to see phantom of the opera. she mentioned a while back that she always wanted to see the show. and since i havent seen it either, it worked out perfectly.
due to a slow ass car service, she was late to the lirr station and missed the train, so we missed the first few minutes of the show, but no biggie.

update: ooops, forgot to mention. it was a great show! i remember hearing the music from the show at somebody's house and i liked it, but to hear it live... wow!


Happy Birthday Miah!


July 4th Weekend

This past weekend, Miah and I took a road trip to Rhode Island, Boston and then Mystic Seaport, but first, we stopped off at Coney Island.

The legendary Cyclone.

The natives at the NY Aquarium.

World famous Nathans. Yum. No, that is not my hand.

This is some archway in Boston. No clue where this was or what it was called, but it looked really cool.

When we got to the Mystic Seaport, they had a 4th of July parade. While there were only like 30 people in the actual parade, the costumes were pretty cool. We didnt stay long enough to watch the Sea Dog performance, maybe next year :P


new shirts

went to br during lunch and picked up some new shirts. damn, even with their so-called sale, it was still expensive. but they're very comfortable.