random stuff


yankees vs angels

play ball!
we got these awesome seats from miah's boss. they were right behind home plate, 3 rows back. the sound of the ball hitting the glove was amazing. too bad i couldn't tape the sounds. it was very cool.

i had, what miah called, a 'senior' moment. i was all set to take some really cool close-up shots of the players/game. i had my camera all charged up and everything. when i got past the 'security' guard, i took the camera out, only to find that i left the damn memory card at the office!!!! argh! i ended up going to the stadium store and picked up a disposable camera.

the day before, i went to the mall and picked up some new jerseys from champs. i got matsui (55) for myself, and jeter (2) for miah.

willie randolph!

the manager of the angels (forgot your name, sorry, dude!)

gary sheffield 'roundin' the bases after crushing a ball into left field.

what game would be complete without a foot-long hotdog? oh, and because we had field box seats, the staff came over and took our order and delivered the food to us! how cool is that?? =)

even though the yankees lost, i got a little burnt, and the traffic we hit just trying to leave the block surrounding the stadium was insane, we still had a great time. looking forward to the next game.

just think, football's regular season is just around the corner!

j-e-t-s jets! jets! jets!


TPR Summer Party

Every year, my company rents out some trendy, posh restaurant or club in order to host our End-of-summer party. This year, it was at the Jade Terrace at the China Club.

This last picture was taken by a coworker of mine. It looks very postcard-ish. It wasn't meant to be like that, it was just that the flash on her camera didnt work.






Motorcycle Class

The day finally came for my motorcycle riding class over at Queensboro Community College. I've been waiting for this since the day my friend gave me his old bike back in May.
The class gave us these bikes to ride for the class. They're dual purpose bikes (learned the meaning to that in class hehe). They're Kawasaki 100cc/2 stroke bikes. Fairly light (about 200 lbs) with a kick start.

The class was very informative. Since I've never ridden a motorcycle before, I was very nervous, but got the hang of it after the first hour of drills.
The road test (which, if passed, gets you your actual license), was nerve-racking to say the least. It was bad enough that so much was riding on this test, but mothernature decided to rain all Sunday morning. Oh yeah, and my bike was shocking me throughout the day. The instructor said it was fine and that the electricity won't kill me.. er, yeah, right.
But in the end, it was all worth it because...


I got my course completion card!!! Now I just have to wait for them to send me the road test waiver form and I'm off to DMV for my class M license!