before we went to key west, we hung out in south beach for a little bit. while we walked around the strip, we saw this sandcastle on the beach.



united airlines arena


key west

finally got a chance to take a trip down to florida to visit some friends we haven't seen in over 2 years. miah, joe, mel and i took a flight down to ft. lauderdale and met our friends wayne and rose down in miami.

a little background information first. wayne is responsible for giving me my road race license back in '95. both he and his wife, rose, were always there to lend a hand when i was learning the ropes, so to say, so i am forever grateful to them for all that they've done for me. it was hard seeing them leave ny for florida, so i jumped at the chance to go see them again.

anyways.. we all met up in miami and after a night walking around south beach, we headed on out to key west. the drive was amazing! the scenary along the road down was breathtaking. i've never seen so much water.. and it was sooooo blue!

more to come later.

sunrise from ft. lauderdale

7 mile bridge leading to key west.

it's gecko, not geico =)




digitallife 2

the people of digitallife.

look! its the aol dude!

got a chance to meet opie and anthony (formerly of 102.7fm, now on xm satellite radio). they were really cool to talk to. we bs'd for a little bit and they gave me an autographed picture and some bumperstickers.

he keeps going, and going, and going...

sharon angela (rosalie aprile of the sopranos) was on hand signing autographs and taking pictures.

also from the sopranos, michael imperioli (christopher moltisanti)

er, the naked cowboy.

this one is my favorite! stormtroopers taunting luke skywalker!


digitallife 1

last weekend was the first (hopefully of many) digitallife shows. kinda like a mini version of e3 at the javits center. i wasn't expecting much, but i saw some cool stuff there, and like so many other shows of this kind, i got a bunch of free shtuff as well =). it was a little overcast and windy on saturday, so it was a great way to spend the afternoon.

the nintendo pathfinder armada rollin on dubs. this thing had more video screens than the local best buy! in the back hatch, people were playing donkey konga hehe. cool game.

tivo series 2 connected to a laptop. if i didnt already make my tivo, i'd get one of these.

at the ati booth. this toaster-sized box was running an amd 64 cpu and ati's new x800 video card. i wish i could justify the almost $400 pricetag on this card, but DAMN the graphics are amazing.

creative labs was really pushing this new mp3 player, the zen. even though i had my ipod clearly visible, the saleslady was still trying to sell this to me. it was pretty cheap though.

this was really cool. a hello kitty robot. she responds to different commands and has a built-in microphone which lets it recognize certain commands/voices. not sure what this kid is touching, but it's lighting her up (ok, that was bad.)

this is a working surfboard and tablet pc!

motorola mpx. this thing has everything! from digicam, built-in 802.11b, bluetooth, qwerty keyboard, and a touchscreen display like a pda. it was very hot.

mmmm.. the new motorola razr v3. this thing is soooo thin! it's a little longer than i expected, but still, this going to the top of my xmas wish list =)


central park 3

while walking from the subway (yes, i took a subway!) towards the time warner center, we saw these apples from the big apple fest orchard

applelachian beauty by brad marshall

big apple carousel by laurette gnaegy kovary

cnn worldnews by glennis mcclellan

big by lyle owerko

i am tempted by celso trevino

linking you and technology by best buy design team

reminds me of the cow parade from a few years back!


central park 2

some panoramic shots from central park.

from in front of the columbus statue

from the row boat on the lake.

This guy was getting people to line up and jumped over them. it was really cool! (warning: approx 3mb file)


central park

a day in the city.
having nothing really to do on sunday, miah and i decided to take a walk around the city. we ended up walking through central park.

the view from inside the time warner center.

one of the displays outside the samsung store. there were a bunch of lcd monitors with motion sensors on them, so you could move your hand around and a pointer would follow your hand around. it was really cool.

a view of the trump int'l hotel/tower from under a world's fair type globe.

fall foliage inside central park

christopher columbus

this kid was there juggling flaming torches and knives when a park's person came up to him and told him to put the torches out and put away the knife... what's this world coming to when a kid can't toss weapons and flaming pins around? makes me ashamed to be an american!

the turtle man and his turtles

the swan.

a view from the rowboat on the lake.