the gang at thanksgiving brunch/dim sum at silver pond. we were having so much fun that i forgot to take out my camera during the meal (oops)

after brunch, i went on over to my cousin's house over in metuchen for a family get-together. the traffic was horrible until we got to the turnpike, then it was smooth sailing.
as usual, my cousin jennifer, made some great food. this year, her and her husband, dirck, decided to fry a turkey. it was definitely made for some good eatin. turkey, ham, sweet potatoes, stuffed clams, stuffed mushrooms, mashed potatoes, fried rice (hey, we ARE chinese), and some homemade stuffing.

the 'fryer'

trixie on the couch while we were watching some dog show on nbc. she popped up when she saw some of the terriers stroll across the screen hehe.

baby alison =)

my nephew jason on his leapster


tis the season...

let the gridlock begin!

first signs of the holiday season. off of the w'burg bridge, on delancy



got a page on my nextel from my coworker that u2 was downstairs and standing on some flatbed truck. i ran downstairs just in time to take these shots.

bono said that they're gonna be at the brooklyn bridge at around 4:30 today!


slava's snow show

miah and i have been planning on seeing th slava's snowshow for a while now, but things have come up so we had to change plans. but we finally got tickets for the show and went last night.
both of us had a bad week, so this was definitely a great way to forget about the crap at work and just have a little fun. boy, was it alot of fun. i don't think we've ever laughed this hard!

the "snow" and various balls flying around the audience. this lady who sat in front of us kept on getting smacked in the head and almost fell over a few times... just added to the comedy hehe. (that's her with the blonde hair in the picture above this one)

after the show, we had dinner at the union square cafe. very 'upper-class'-ish.. or at least our waiter seemed to act. the food was excellent, service was a little strange, but made for good laughs when he wasnt around. example: we were in the middle of a conversation, he walked up to the table and just stood there until we acknowledged his presence and then he said, "may i?", in a rather snooty fashion. we were like, er, sure. then he proceeded to clear the table. many an eyebrow were raised in confusion after he left =)


howard stern

howard stern showed up at union square to promote his moving to sirius satellite radio. the first couple of hundred people who showed up got a free sirius boombox and a free one year subscription to sirius.

suffice it to say, we didnt get there in time to get the radio. this is the crowd as we were walking up to union square. nuts!

opie and anthony fans showed up to show support for their own 'shock jocks' on xm.

employees at barnes and noble

like i said, we didnt get the radios, but they gave out vouchers to get a free radio (if you purchase a one year subscription.. still not too bad.)


tpr goody bag

there is some major construction going on on the floor below us. we've outgrown this office and are expanding to the 11th floor.

because of all the noise from the demo, the kind people from our "office team" threw together this goodybag

from left to right
my new ID, foam apple 'stress ball', snickers bar, crunch bar, tea bags, advil liqui-gels, ear plugs.


desk sharing day

(click to view larger version)

other desks


outside my office

sunset as seen from my prison, i mean, office.


halo 2

my boss went to circuit city to pick up Halo 2 for xbox. i guess they had a promotion because they gave him a free watch. he came over to my desk after he got back and gave the watch to me. hmm... wonder if he's trying to tell me something? :P

for the record, i would've went along with him to buy the game as well, but i get motion sickness when i play these types of games :P

so if you're planning on getting me a game like this for xmas, remember to include a bottle of dramamine =)


new bed

even though the basement construction has been finished for about 2 months, i never had a chance to buy a new bed. since i had nothing to do over the weekend, i went on over to sleepy's at roosevelt field.

miah and i went to this particular store a while back, while they were doing the construction, so we already had the right bed in mind. so when we got there, we headed straight for that bed, doublechecked the 'firmness' and bought it (much to the delight of the sales lady, who said this was the fastest sale she's ever had)

we had them deliver the bed on sunday. i was told to call a number and would be given a 4 hour delivery window.

sunday morning came around and i gave them a call. oh, great, automated response. "You can expect the delivery between the times of 7 AM and.... 10 PM whoa.. are you shittin me? maybe i heard her wrong, maybe she said a 14 hour window??

well.. a few hours crawled by and still no bed. at around 1pm, miah called up and bitched out a customer service rep (after many attempts at trying to contact a real person). the rep's response when asked about the huge time frame "well, when you get that time frame, most people assume it will be in the afternoon." ... dick.

the bed finally came (at 6:30pm).

didn't realize the bed was as tall as mini me. even i had to hop up slightly to get on the bed!

but DAMN it felt good! finally a nice night's sleep =)